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Intelligent Automation Products Our Differentiators

Cognitive Automation and Machine

Making your back-office reliable and efficient by up to 30%, and enhance customer and employee experience


Integrated Natural Language Process, Machine Leaning and Airline Travel Expertise to find fare rules on GDS, read them, understand applicability and calculate airline refund or cancellation charges in less than 30 seconds.

atural language processing and Machine Learning for parsing incoming emails and classifying them basis the action required and integrating it with booking services to fulfil requests without any manual intervention.

Integrated Intelligent OCR and Machine Learning Product removing the need for a fully manual process for hotel contract loading.

Sellers can take automated actions based on reliable analytics and visualization of data sourced from Amazon.

Automation of the entire lifecycle of a travel agents/airlines group booking interactions

Airfare auditing tools that continously captures air fare changes to provide information and re-book where it makes business sense.